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Top Reasons to Invest in a Property

We all heard it, buying a property is an investment. But it is easier said than done. Any reasonable investor would like to recover their investment quickly. But the big and hardest question to answer is, HOW? What do you do to make the idea of property investing as real as the condo or house they buy?

The Winning Connection

With nearly half of real estate buys go to investment, helps you:

Support and reinforce your marketing pitch in real and concrete terms.
Get more exposure of your projects to thousands of agents, partner realty firms and accredited rent managers.
Market and promote the properties bought by your buyers to renters to thousands of buyers nationwide through website.
Draw more customers during exhibits and sales campaigns.
Leverage and integrate brand in your marketing and promotional collaterals.
Boost client confidence to buy your properties.
Leveraging's Renter Traffic

Everyday thousands of people are in the look for properties to rent. is a niche portal for such kind of people. The site's primary demographics cover renters, property owners, real estate developers, real estate professionals and the hospitality industry. Secondary visitors include transport and logistics, banking, telecom, system installers, gifts and home furnishing and many others. is the fastest growing property rental site in the country with myriad and distinct advantages:
Better Domain Recall
Fastest Growing Property Rental Site in the Philippines
Highly-Focused Traffic (Renters, Buyers, Agents and Developers)
Robust and Unparalleled Site Features
Availability in Web and Mobile Platforms
Unrivaled Online Support Features to Rent Agents
What is the Partner-Program?

The partner program is open to property developers seeking to boost or fast track sales by putting into reality the investment side of real estate buying. is not only here to vouch and promote your company online and offline, but we are here to MARKET those properties bought by your clients! Isn't it great to tell this good news to your clients?

Use as your Official Rental Partner and Marketer in your website, collaterals, and sales pitch.
Leverage our pool of accredited Rent Managers, rent executives, and Franchisees to market newly-bought properties.
Increase web visibility via hyperlinked company or project logo placement on's partner page.
Enjoy a premium account in with full-feature posting services.
Display's Official Partner Plate and Certificate during exhibits and sales events.
Get wider exposure for your projects thru's participation in international and national exhibits.
Enjoy big discounts on ad placements on website and mobile advertising.
Promote your Company or project in's social media sites.

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