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Making real estate business safer endeavors to make the real estate chain a better place to do business through the Trust Certification Service (TCS) offered by Philippine Real Estate Management Solutions, Inc (Premsi). The service is built on the idea of building a pool of trusted real estate professionals, developers, property owners, mentors, appraisers, rent and property managers and those who are in the real estate service.

The Trust Certification Service is a comprehensive set of best practices that promotes transparency, good faith and honesty in the real estate business and we would like to make this happen by leading the effort. We also believe that by offering the service, we help improve confidence of property investors by dealing with verified, trusted persons and companies that offer real estate products and services. And in so doing, we help certified professionals and companies build more customers and establish their reputation in the real estate market.

Getting certified means customer confidence
Your certification comes with:
a trust badge on your profile
inclusion in our directory of trusted and certified partners in website as well as in Premsi.
printed certificate and a digital version
trust badge logos in different sizes for web display

Leverage your certificate as a marketing tool:

Place your trust badge in your marketing collaterals;
Display your certificate or trust badge in your website.

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