Home Preparations Against Nature Strikes
When nature strikes, it’s definitely going to get messy. It strikes back through natural calamities like typhoons, floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and many more. As scary as they sound, the few mentioned disasters can cause damages that will surely make our wallets empty. But most of all,... Read more
Don’t Be An Easy Target: 3 Most Common Scams In Real Estate
When businesses are growing successfully, there are times when unexpected “enemies” try to pull “that” success down. The enemies (sometimes dressed in formal attire) do not only target the business itself. They go to the most vulnerable target and that is the customers. Once the adversary is... Read more
Proper Home Management: A Way To A Pest-Free Living
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Whether you admit it or not, pests are one of the worst things that can totally make homes undesirable to live in. Whoever wants to live in a house full of rats, flies, cockroaches, termites, and other bugs? Nobody wants them inside our homes, and nobody wishes to invite them to stay. But pests s... Read more
House VS Condominium: Battle Of Resale Values
Owning a house is already a big investment that is worth the wait and effort. When put in the market for resale, houses gain bigger more attractions than any other properties. It is definitely going to be a huge business deal. On the other hand, condominiums are also a big catch depending on cert... Read more


More condos needed, brokers ask developers
REAL estate brokers in Cebu are calling on developers to accelerate their residential projects, particularly condominiums, to keep up with the high demand in the market. “There are a lot of buyer... Read more
Philippine Real Estate Industry: What Has Been Going On Lately?
The booming industry of real estate in the Philippines has been positively highlighted by prominent and well-established real estate businesses. The reviews which started in the middle of 2011 has bee... Read more


Investing in Health
Philcare, one of the country's top health care providers recently partnered with a subsidiary of Leuterio Realty and Brokerage in order to promote the importance of ensuring one's health and p... Read more
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The Courtyards: New Condo Development of Primary Homes
The Courtyards is a new condominium development of Primary Homes, Inc. The location is strategic in commercial point areas in Cebu City. Rising in Banawa, Cebu City is a development proximate to the... Read more
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I Choose You: 5 Criteria to Consider in Choosing Real Estate Agent
Selling a house to buy a new one, selling a house and buying a new one, transferring to another loca... Read more
The Power of Attraction: 5 Easy Ways on How to Attract Potential Clients in Real Estate
The knowledge on how to attract clients is one of the most crucial factors in the success of real es... Read more


5 Must-Know Tips for First Time Renters
Living in a distance that is quite far from your working place or school does not sound too promisingly convenient. Not only does it require you to wake up early to catch an early vehicle or bus, but ... Read more
Renting Saves the Day: When Home Renting Pays Mortgages
Who said that everything is for free? Fact is, owning a home comes with having the responsibility to pay all mortgages at the right amount, at the right time. You work so hard to earn money, but yo... Read more


Here’s why real estate investors should start investing in properties for rental in 2014
2013 has been a good year in real estate industry in the Philippines. In Cebu alone, there are various property developers who have stepped up in the vertical construction scenes. Read more
How To Decorate Your House For Rent
Making your house for rent into a home can be quite a challenge. Lease contract usually include no remodeling must be made throughout your stay in the house, apartment or condo for rent. Read more