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Rainy Season: Waterproofing Your Condo Unit

Rainy days in the condo should ideally be relaxing and romantic, with you gazing out the condo's foggy window while listening to your favorite music in the background or watching your favorite movie in Netflix. However, the typical homeowner's reality is a little more chaotic: leaky windows, muddy floors, and pools of water everywhere. The truth is, you can only enjoy the cuddly, senti weather if you waterproof your home.

Here's how to keep the water out of your condo and your loved ones safe on rainy days:

1. Seal Up Your Windows

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Begin filling the window sill cracks with a primer. Use masking tape as a guide to ensure even sealant distribution. Apply the sealant to the surface. Smooth out the application with your sealant finishing tool. Allow the sealant to dry before removing the masking tape.

2. Create a Mud (space)

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Pay attention to your wet, muddy shoes and dripping umbrellas during the rainy season, as they can swiftly ruin your floors. You may create a "mud space" at the entrance of your flat. Install a shoe and umbrella rack by the front door.

3. Check that the balcony drainage works.

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The balcony, being the unit's external space, is frequently the most wet part of the home during the rainy season. Rainwater should not be a concern here as long as it does not stay for an extended period of time. If it does, you most likely have a drainage issue that has to be reported to the property manager. Select sliding glass shutters with watertight frames to further prevent rainwater from entering your condo.

4. Bring Wet Clothes Straight to the washer and dryer

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Wet garments are just another annoyance on rainy days. Similarly, water droplets can form puddles, which might subsequently pose a safety danger. This is why it's critical to chuck them into the washing machine as soon as possible and wash them. This will not only keep you safe, but it will also keep unwanted odors off your clothes. The bathroom-laundry room is located near the entrance in some apartment layouts. If your apartment is structured in this manner, it's simply a matter of developing the habit of leaving damp garments in the bathroom.

Set up a drying rack inside your condo if you don't want to wash them right away and it's still raining outside. Use a folding clothes rack and a rectangular basin beneath to capture water drips.

5. Keep an eye out for leaks.

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When it rains, leaks in condos frequently worsen. It is critical to address these issues before the monsoon season arrives to avoid not just discomfort but also health issues associated with stagnant, dirty water. When you're working from home (or listening to your favorite hugot playlist), the last thing you want is the pitter-patter of leaks from your roof and the potential of contracting dengue fever.

Looking for leaks is an important part of condo waterproofing. Dark stains on surfaces, peeling or blistering paint, broken flooring, and musty odors should all be avoided. If you see any of these issues, contact your property manager to have the leaks repaired.

Is your condominium prepared for the rainy season? Don't let the mess and potential hazards enter your home. Waterproof your unit to keep your loved ones safe and dry. With nothing to worry about, you may enjoy being in senti mode, looking out your window, and listening to all of your favorite melancholy love songs.

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